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Historic Hotels of America & Grandin Hood

Celebrating America's Iconic Hotels

Grandin Hood Publishers is pleased to partner with our nation’s treasured historic hotels to create the Historic Hotels of America® Collection of commemorative coffee table books that celebrate the essence of America’s legendary destinations. Working directly with you, Grandin Hood offers:


a multifaceted marketing tool

Present a stunning coffee table book for use in retail sales, promotions, rewards and as distinctive in-room gifts for group events.

a complete history

Provide a thoroughly researched and compelling historical record for the benefit of the owners, staff, guests, and partners you serve.

A Celebration of Your Brand

Capture the unique stories of the hotel, its founding, its preservation, and the people and community who have helped it become such an important landmark.

an image library

Create a database of original, high-resolution digital imagery for the hotel’s use, including the architecture, grounds, interiors, staff, culinary offerings, and other amenities, activities and traditions.

“This book has become our most popular retail item.”

Exceeding the Investment

Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, Michigan celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2012 by commissioning Grandin Hood to publish a commemorative coffee table book to mark the milestone event. It continues to be among the most popular mementos the Hotel sells today.

From the initial order of 10,000 books, 1,000 were designated to be enhanced as “Special Edition” copies, signed by the Grand Hotel’s longtime and venerated owner. The signed books were offered as part of the 125th Anniversary package, which filled quickly.

Additionally, during that first and the following six-month season, enough copies were sold to exceed their full investment.  Over the course of six subsequent years, the book has enjoyed continued success as a VIP amenity gift and generated a handsome profit through brisk sales.



Lawrence horwitz, Executive Director

Historic Hotels of America is dedicated to sharing the stories and preserving the legacy of each of our member hotels for future generations, and there is no finer publishing partner than Grandin Hood. We look forward to building the Historic Hotels of America® Collection, and adding to Grandin Hood’s impressive portfolio. We believe this is important work for our organization, but also a product that has been proven to deliver significant return on investment for member hotels.

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Founded in 1994 by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Robin Hood, Grandin Hood Publishers has established a national reputation for producing award-winning projects for hotels and resorts around the country. Grandin Hood books are not dry compendiums of historic chronology; instead, they are inspiring presentations of the traditions, locations and people that are an organization’s image. Regardless of the size of the historic hotel, or the focus of your story, Grandin Hood will bring that story to life in a visually engaging and memorable edition to be treasured by recipients for years to come.